Shooting Tactics: Defensive Handgun Training, Level 1

Beginners and experienced shooters alike have raved about the new skills they acquired from completing this level 1 firearms training class.

You must attend this class with an open mind and will need everything on this basic defensive handgun equipment list. You will be practiced in not just shooting fundamentals, but defensive shooting fundamentals. You will have a road map for increasing your proficiency and readiness. Should you ever have the misfortune of a gunfight you will be trained to prevail. (see this information on shooting versus training).

While designing this course, we played out this scenario in our heads.

Today you train with us, tomorrow you have to use what we taught to defend yourself in a defensive situation.

We asked ourselves these questions about that situation;

  1. What’s the minimum we want you to have experienced?
  2. Can we do it in one day?
  3. Can we offer a class that challenges students that “grew up with guns” AND the beginning shooter alike?
  4. Can we do it at a price point to create value? Would traveling the distance and paying a little extra for our training be worth it if we can impart more than the minimum required by Colorado law? NOTE: Colorado’s requirement is:


  5. If this was the only training you ever took, would you have the minimum necessary to continue training on your own?
  6. Can we make it fun?

Our answer is “YES”.

If you’ve done your research, you know there are many places to learn to shoot in Colorado. Most classes spend a majority of their time with classroom activity then may add a short visit to the range where you expend 50 rounds shooting at a stationary target from a stationary position. If you stay “on the X” once the shooting starts, you’re more likely to take fire yourself, so we move in our basic defensive firearms training class!

Here’s what we’ll cover in Defensive Handgun Training, Level 1:

Shooting Fundamentals

  • General Firearms Knowledge
  • Knowledge of your personal firearm
  • Firearms safety
  • Trigger press
  • Trigger reset
  • Sight picture
  • Sight alignment

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Colorado laws regarding:

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Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

  • Range safety rules (modified from firearms safety rules)
  • Color codes of alertness
  • OODA loop interruption
  • Introduction to 360 degree nature of the defensive zone
  • Drawing from a holster
  • Tactical and emergency reloads
  • Malfunction drills
  • “After Action” drills

There is no proficiency test at the end. Remember, the goal is to give you ways to change your firearms training for improved proficiency AND to introduce you to how we hope you would function if you ever had the misfortune of a gunfight.

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