Firearms Training Skill Builder Series

Firearms Training has come a long ways if you’re in the right circle of Instructors. The traditional style of teaching holds to the theory that you must build up to higher and higher levels of skill and firearms training instruction over time. With all the demands on our time and money, finding enough of either of those can be difficult.

The other problem with this theory is you may not have that time. Now I realize that chances of having to use your firearm to defend yourself is statistically low, when it’s happening to you it’s 100%. You can’t know when you may be attacked.

We are offering monthly, short duration (1-3 hours) firearms training sessions. These sessions are designed to maintain current skill level and improve your speed and accuracy.

  • Firearms Training Skill Builders

    These are 1-3 hour training sessions that are fun and practical. Most of them are held at indoor ranges in various locations throughout the Denver Metro area. Come train with a few friends. We offer friendly competitions and prizes.

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  • Firearms Training Defensive Handgun Level 1

    This Defensive Handgun Level 1 includes about 4 hours of range time. Drawing from a holster and and shooting with movement are some of the skills practiced. Join the range portion of this class and practice important defensive shooting skills.

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