Shooting Tactics: Defensive Handgun Training, Level 2

In this Level 2 defensive firearms training class you’re going to be shooting and moving; you’re going to get dirty; and you’re going to have fun!

This shooting class is designed to be a continuation of the Shooting Tactics Level 1 Class. True to form, the Shooting Tactics Level 2 Class is power packed.  We spend the first 4 hours evaluating and practicing shooting fundamentals and defensive shooting fundamentals.  We Introduce new ideas, concepts and tactics. The day culminates into a series of scenarios that are fun but informative. You will learn, through those scenarios, what you should work on when training on your own.

You’re shooting discipline is important coming into this class. My shooting tactics level 1 class is not a prerequisite. Since this is designed to be a continuation of the level 1 class,  you should have previous training in all the skills listed in the tabs below. That list is all covered in my level 1 class. Please be considerate of other participants attending. Look at the list of skills and fairly evaluate your previous defensive shooting training.

For safety reasons, I must move the level 2 shooting class at a pace  geared to the least trained or practiced individual and once we’re on the range, you can’t fake that. I will extend special pricing to you if you will make the commitment to coming to this class fully prepared by attending the level 1 class first. You can purchase both classes for $260 (a 12% discount). Most trainers of the same genre charge $350-$500 for two days of training.

If there are no shooting tactics level 1 classes on my training schedule, contact me to set a class up. My schedule is extremely flexible and I typically don’t put a class on the calendar until I get at least one person who is ready to schedule a training date.

Here’s what we cover in my basic class:

  • General Firearms Knowledge
  • Knowledge of your personal firearm
  • Firearms safety
  • Trigger press
  • Trigger reset
  • Sight picture
  • Sight alignment
  • Use of deadly force
  • Where you can carry
  • “Declaring” your firearm to law enforcement
  • Colorado CCW reciprocity in other states
  • Range safety rules (modified from firearms safety rules)
  • Color codes of alertness
  • O.O.D.A loop interruption
  • Introduction to 360 degree nature of the defensive zone
  • Drawing from a holster
  • Tactical and emergency reloads
  • Malfunction drills
  • “After Action” drills

This class goes more smoothly if you’ve had instruction and are practiced specifically on the skills listed above.

Here’s what we’ll do in this class:

  • Practice and improve on shooting fundamentals
  • Practice and improve on defensive shooting fundamentals
  • Introduce Shooting TO cover
  • Introduce Shooting FROM cover
  • Introduce various ways of shooting from disadvantaged positions and getting to a position of advantage.

All of these drills will take approximately 4 hours. Once we’re comfortable you have sufficient practice with all the defensive shooting fundamentals and and a good command of the new concepts, we will run you through two or three drills, progressively more difficult but intensely fun. You will be shooting your way out of a dangerous environment using all the old and new skills combined.

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